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    Alpine MotoSafe / Earplugs / Hearing Protection

    Alpine MotoSafe Earplugs filters only harmful wind noise.

  • After riding do you have a beep in your ear?
  • MotoSafe consists of two universal hearing protectors and two different interchangeable filter sets. These special wind noise filters guarantee optimum protection whilst you can still hear ambient noises and can communicate clearly. Also you can still hear your motor.
  • The open canals of the filters ensure that no differences of pressure arise, so that while wearing MotoSafe protectors one has no sense of isolation.
  • Due to Alpine earplugs: no sense of isolation / softens due to the body heat of the ear / less pressure in or on the ear.
  • Alpine Hearing Protection is to be cleaned using lukewarm water and little soap!

    Alpine MotoSafe / Hearing Protection Motorcycling

    Shipping and VAT included (Europe only*)

    Alpine MotoSafe € 24,95

    Alternative Proplugs vented or Proplugs non-vented

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